Recently, on nhusers, the NHibernate users mailing list, I've seen questions from people wishing to get started building NHibernate from source.  Some people are unfamiliar with open source in the .NET world and the tools used for it, so I made this beginner level screencast about how to get started building NHibernate from source.

You can download the screencast here.

Here is a list of the prerequisites you will need to follow along:
For reference, you can find the official NHibernate document about getting started from source here.

Note: I realized after I posted this that I forgot to provide a link to the free codec needed to view this screencast.  You will need to d/l the free camstudio lossless codec (here) to view this video.  Extract the files, right click on the .inf, and select install.  You will receive a warning, but it's ok.  This is a widely used screencasting codec and you can find a lot of info about it via google.
In the future, I'm going to convert my videos to flash and stream them to make things easier all-around.
Sorry for the inconveniance.